Prospect Park Detention Pond Wall

The Prospect Park Detention Pond was a massive heavy civil structure designed to retain large volumes of runoff water on an 800 acre site in Alpharetta, Georgia. The wall was over 800 feet long, 30" thick and up to 30' tall at the water control structure.

With over 3,600 cubic yards of concrete, both the footings and the walls had to be pumped with mobile concrete pumps due to the volume. The wall required over 300 tons of grade 60 reinforcing steel. The wall steel was tied in large mats and hoisted into place using a 100 Ton crawler crane. The crawler crane was also required to hoist the large formwork panels.

The detention wall had a slight radius and required 2000 to build special wall gangs with wedges in order to provide the finished product with a "true" radius and an ACI Class "B" sack-rubbed finish. We utilized a special rubbing compound called "Pavecrete" which performed beyond our expectations. Both the Owner and Structural Engineer were very pleased with the finished product.