Houston Medical Center Bed Tower Expansion

The HMC Bed Tower Expansion Project was located in Warner Robins, Georgia. This five-story, 130,000 SF mild steel concrete frame was erected in 100 calendar days. The structure was designed as a moment frame by Walter P. Moore (Structural Engineer) and required over 1,000 Tons of reinforcing steel. This equates to over 9 LBS. of reinforcing steel per square foot of elevated structure. Normally, commercial structures are designed with 5 LBS. of reinforcing steel per square foot - which means this hospital has nearly twice the reinforcing steel required for a conventional structure.

The bed tower did not have a third floor - only a mezzanine level. As such, high shoring was required in the mechanical area of the basement and the entire third floor.10 kip per leg scaffolding was utilized for the high shoring in both areas and served two purposes - as shoring and as re-shoring. After the elevated slabs reached the required strength, the third floor and mechanical area in the basement was dropped and reshored with the same 10 kip per leg system.

Over 8,000 cubic yards of concrete where placed on this project in a very short period of time with no lost-time accidents.